Replacing a Defective Sensor

A red solid LED on a sensor indicates that the sensor is faulty, and you can request a return of the sensor. Please read the procedure for requesting a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA).

After receiving the replacement sensor, unplug the current sensor from the power cable (usually the 6/8 pin or 2-wire cable) depending upon the senor model. Then, connect the new sensor to the power cable.

Then, follow the steps below to discover and commission the sensor.   


  1. For the sensor that is being replaced, please write down the Sensor Name, MAC Address, Profile Name, and Fixture Type, so it is easier to locate the sensor on the floor plan and transfer the attributes of this sensor to the new sensor. 
  2. Write the MAC Address and Senor Name of the new sensor.

Discover the Sensor

To discover sensors on a floor,

  1. Select a floor in the facilities navigation tree in the left panel.
  2. Click on Devices > Sensors sub-tab.
  3. Click the Discover button.


  1. Select the appropriate Gateway from the dropdown. Note that the Gateway should be the same that the old sensor connected to.
  2. Type the number of sensors you plan to replace in the: Number of installed sensors field.
  3. Click Start to discover the new sensors.


All newly discovered sensors are listed in the sensor table.  Select the sensor and click the Commission button in the Action column. If you have multiple sensors, select them and click Bulk Commission.


In the Commission and Place Fixtures screen,

  1. Locate the defective sensor on the floor plan, as shown below. TIP: When you click a sensor on the floor plan, the sensor size increases and is highlighted.
  2. Click on the newly discovered sensor in the left panel.
  3. With the new sensor highlighted in the table, assign a Fixture Type from the drop-down list. These attributes must be similar to the old sensor that is being replaced.
  4. Right-click the defective sensor on the floor plan and select RMA in the pop-up to commission the sensor, as shown below.


Ensure you are replacing the faulty sensor with the discovered new one. Click OK to continue.


Wait until Success is displayed and click Done. You have successfully replaced an old sensor with the new sensor.

Note:  Allow for an estimated 10 to 15 minutes for the new sensor to get all the configurations of RMAed sensor.


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