Sensors Network Security FAQ


Do sensors implement certificate/API key-based authentication to access the data through the web services API?

  • No

Does the Enlighted sensor support authentication through the exchange of keys during device provisioning and certificate-based authentication?

  • Yes. During the commissioning of the sensor, keys are transferred between Manage and sensor via a secure channel. Certificate exchange is not provided; only keys are supported.

Do the sensors support TLS encryption on a shared medium networking stack (e.g., Ethernet, WiFi) 

  • Not supported

If your sensors support remote access, what authentication method is supported? 

  • Remote access is only supported via Manage.

How is authentication/access to configuration settings and firmware updates managed? 

  • Configuration settings and firmware updates are managed via a secure channel (using sensor key) to transfer information to the sensor.

Will *all* access credentials be provided and be fully configurable? 

  • Access to sensors is only available through Manage.

How are ‘engineering’ or ‘factory’ credentials managed? 

  • Default factory credentials are removed during the commissioning process.

If your sensors support communication with external servers, can this be fully disabled?   

  • Remote access to sensors from other servers is not supported; remote access is available only through Manage.

If your device uses non-IP wireless technology, how is information exchanged between the network interface (wired or wireless) from the non-IP wireless communications? 

  • The gateway bridges between the proprietary sensor protocol and standard wired Ethernet communication.
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