Sensor Firmware and Data FAQ



Can your sensors receive automatic over the air updates and provisioning? 

Do sensors have the capability to store/retain any historical/trend data?

  • Yes. Data is stored locally in the sensor's RAM (Random Access Memory) and sent to Manage at regular intervals.

When a sensor loses communication with the gateway, how long can the sensor store the reporting data?

  • The sensor stores data to send every five minutes. Hence, depending on when the communication is broken, the sensor will store data for between 0 and 5 minutes. The exception is energy consumption and savings data that is stored almost indefinitely for multiple years.

How much data does each sensor generate daily?

  • For lighting applications, each sensor generates 37 KB data per day. With the Where IoT application, each sensor generates 11.1 MB data per day maximum, and it depends on the movement of the tags.

What type of user interface do your sensors provide for end-user interaction? 

  • LED indicators on the sensor indicate the status of the device. Refer to the required sensor installation guide in the Sensor Installation Guide section.

How many lighting profiles can I use?

  • You can use up to 255 profiles today. It is on the road map to support over 1000 profiles before July 2019.

Why can’t I discover a sensor when I plug a new one in?

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