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Will my lights stop working if I don’t update my Enlighted System before 1/1/21?

No, your lights will continue to work as previously configured. Lighting functionality does not rely on Flash.

Which sections of the Energy Manager UI currently use Flash?

The major elements of the Energy Manager that rely on are Flash are the dashboard, floor plan views (includes floorplan-based commissioning and configuration), fixture outage report, gateway outage report, and usage by profile report.

What are my options if I choose not to update the Energy Manager but want to continue to see the Flash portions of the Energy Manager UI?

Given that Adobe and all major browsers will no longer support Flash, security or performance issues will not be addressed should they arise. Enlighted advises against this course of action. However, it is possible to run legacy versions of browsers, but you will be doing this at your own risk. If you choose to update your application later, you will be able to do so as the application update process is not affected by Flash.

Do I need to buy anything to upgrade to Manage 4.0?

No, customers do not need to purchase the Manage 4.0 update. If your system is not compatible with Manage 4.0 for some reason, you may need to purchase newer server hardware or migrate to a hosted system.

Is my Energy Manager server compatible with Manage 4.0?

If you purchased your energy Manager prior to 2016, you are currently running Energy Manager version 3.5.5 or older, or your Enlighted Server looks like the below image, your on-prem Energy Manager might be incompatible with Manage 4.0.


Please contact Enlighted support or your account representative for further help. If you have deployed the Energy Manager application on a self-managed virtual machine (VEEM), please contact Enlighted Support to confirm compatibility. Otherwise, your system hardware is compatible with Manage 4.0. 

Can I perform the update myself?

Yes! Instructions on how to update the application can be found on our support site HERE. Hosted applications are always updated by Enlighted support in coordination with the customer. Please contact Enlighted support if you have an Energy Manager in the Cloud (EMC) and would like to be updated to Manage 4.0.

Do I need to have physical access to the Energy Manager server to perform the update?

No. Only network connectivity to the application is required to perform the update an on-premise or customer-managed virtual machines. If the Energy Manager is not accessible over the internet, then remote access can be achieved in multiple ways; some examples below:

  • VPN
  • Remote access via Team Viewer/Remote Desktop (requires an internet-connected computer on the same network as the Energy Manager)
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