Replacing a Defective Gateway

If the red LED on a Gateway (GW) is on continuously, you will need to return the unit. Please read the procedure for requesting an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization).

After receiving the replacement device, remove the current Gateway unit in the site, and install the Gateway replacement in its place.  The next step is to add or discover the Gateway in Manage.

If the Gateway is using the customer's IP address, refer to the article Adding Gateways. If Manage is providing the IP address, refer to the article Discovering Gateways.

Replacing a Gateway

The Enlighted Manage discovers the RMA Gateway and lists it in the Gateway (GW) table. The RMA GW is shown in the GW table. Select the defective GW from the GW table list and click on Edit. The Gateway Details window opens.


Copy and save the following information from the Gateway Details window.

  • Radio channel ID – Channel ID of the defective Gateway.
  • Radio network ID – Network ID (case sensitive)  


Select the newly installed Gateway in the table, and click Commission in the Action column.


In the Commission Gateway window,  

  1. Right-click on the defective Gateway in the floorplan. 
  2. Select the RMA option to commission the Gateway. This allows the fixtures that were bound to the old Gateway to rebind to the replacement GW. The rebinding will occur when the sensors report their status and statistics. 
  3. Wait until the Success message is displayed, and click Done.



RMA Gateway Troubleshoot:

If you have trouble in replacing the Gateway, contact  Customer Support with the following information.

  • Radio channel ID – Channel ID of the defective Gateway.
  • Radio network ID – Network ID (case sensitive). 

ERC Communication with the Gateway

If for any reason, the ERCs are not communicating with the RMA Gateway, all the ERCs have to be restarted after the RMA Gateway is commissioned. To restart the ERCs, simultaneously, press and hold the buttons 1 and 4 on the ERC until a single blink from the red LED is observed approximately after 5 seconds. 

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