Manual Image Upgrade for ERCs

Note: Only users with role administrators are allowed to upgrade Firmware images.

This procedure describes how to upgrade the firmware image on Enlighted Room Control (ERCs). Read the Release notes, contact Support for obtaining the ERC Firmware Image file, and add the firmware image file to Manage before starting the upgrade. 

To upgrade the firmware image on an ERC, navigate to Administration -> Firmware Upgrade. 

  1. In the Firmware Upgrade window, click the Manual Upgrade tab.
  2. In the Facilities left panel, select a floor containing the ERCs.
  3. Select the ERC tab as the device type to upgrade.
  4. On the floor plan, choose one or more ERCs of the same type to upgrade. To select multiple ERCs hold down the Ctrl key as you click on each ERC until all are chosen. To select ERCs from multiple floors, click the floor name and select one or more ERCs.
  5. Click the mceclip0.png button to add them to the table of selected devices.
  6. Select the required firmware image from the Select an ERC image drop-down list.


Preparing the ERC Switch for Upgrade

To prepare the ERC switch to be upgraded:

  • Simultaneously press buttons 2 and 4 for five seconds and confirm that the switch LED starts to slow blink in green.


Note: Do not use the ERC until the upgrade is completed.

  1. Click Start Upgrade to initiate the upgrade process.
  2. Check the status of the upgrade process by clicking Upgrade Job History. See Viewing Job History and Device Firmware Status.
  3. For devices located on another facility item or a different device type, repeat steps 2 – 8.

The following screen shows the above steps performed on the Upgrade Image screen:


Note that if devices of the same type are not selected, the upgrade will fail. To view the upgrade status, see Viewing Job History and Device Firmware Status

To confirm the ERC upgrade status,

  1. Log in to Manage and click on the relevant Floor.
  2. Click on Devices > ERCs tab.
  3. Check the Upgrade Status for each ERC that was upgraded.  The status should show Success


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