Ruggedized Sensor, 2-wire, (SU-5S-2W-xRx)

The Enlighted Ruggedized Sensor, 2-wire, supports direct connection to 2-wire compatible drivers. The sensor is designed for outdoor applications, parking structures, and damp or wet locations that require a sensor with an IP65 rating.

Spec Sheet

View or download the Ruggedized Sensor, 2-wire, Spec Sheet: English rev.13 | German rev.11

Install Guide:

Fixtureless Sensor

Besides using the ‘Enlighted 2-wire’ SU-5S-2W-xRx-FL (High Bay) sensors for connecting to drivers in fixture lighting control applications, you can also use the SU-5S-2W-xRx-FL sensors in installations where the sensor is NOT connected to any fixture drivers or ballasts (Fixtureless sensors).  

For additional details, see 2-wire Fixtureless Sensors.



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