IoT Ready Profile 0 Driver Requirements Specification

The conventional method of connecting the Enlighted sensor to a luminaire (light fixture) is to use a Control Unit (CU) to supply power to the sensor, ensure that sensor can turn the fixture completely off, measure actual power consumed by the fixture, and to provide a wiring method to connect the sensor controls to the fixture wiring. If ‘hard’ energy metering (determination of fixture power consumption by actual measurement) is not a system requirement, then an alternative method of connecting the Enlighted sensor directly to a driver is possible, saving the cost of and space taken by the CU. This method requires a driver that can be dimmed off and providing an auxiliary DC output voltage to power the sensor. Enlighted refers to such a driver as a Profile 0 driver. This document provides the technical requirements that a profile 0 driver must meet to ensure proper operation in an Enlighted system.

Profile 0 Driver Requirements:

  1. The driver provides an “AUX output” constant voltage power supply with an output voltage between 12 and 30 VDC (recommended: 15 to 25 VDC) at a current of 20mA to power the sensor:
    • The AUX output must meet UL requirements for a CLASS 2 power supply and be identified on the driver markings.
    • The AUX output should be short circuit protected with automatic recovery from overload.
    • The AUX output open circuit voltage should not exceed 30VDC.
  2. The driver provides a constant current ‘dimmable’ output.
  3. 0-10V dimming control voltage with Dim-to-Off.
  4. Linear dimming curve:
    1. 10V will cause the maximum driver output
    2. 1V will cause minimum driver output.
  5. The control voltage (0-10V) Dim-to-Off threshold is above 0.4V and below 1.0V.
    1. LED output must turn off by 0.4V as 0-10V is decreasing
    2. LED output must turn on by 1.0V as 0-10V is increasing
    3. These thresholds must be maintained over the specified operating temperature range of the driver
  6. The control voltage (0-10V) terminals of the driver source or sink no more than 2mA.
  7. The driver AC input power when in ‘standby’ (LED output off, AUX output driving 20mA) should be under 1.0W, preferably under 0.5W.

Refer to a typical Profile 0 Driver with the SU-5 Sensor line diagram. (The diagram shows how the AUX and dimming port of the driver as specified above is interfaced with the Enlighted sensor).  Refer to the list of approved Profile 0 Drivers.

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