SU-5 and CU-4E with Contactors (03095-02)

The line diagram shows the connections between an Enlighted Gen 5 sensor, Control Unit with a third-party contactor. This solution can be used for exterior outdoor lighting with an Astro clock. If the circuit control load exceeds, you may need a  contactor relay to control larger loads.  However, note that energy metering is not possible with this application as the supply goes directly through the contactor to the load. When designing solutions for exterior outdoor lighting, the Ruggedized sensor is IP rated for better performance outdoors. The sensor should always be visible and never contained within a metal enclosure. The total length of the sensor cable must be 300 feet or less.

The Plugload controller Plug Load Controller with Contactor (02624-02) does not support Astro clock, nor is it rated for outdoor use; however, energy metering is possible. Hence, use the sensor, CU combination with the contactor relay shown below, or the Plug Load Controller, depending on the application.

Download the line diagram PDF.



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