Enable Daylight Harvesting

By enabling Daylight Harvesting, you can take full advantage of ambient sensitivity to manage light levels. To enable Daylight Harvesting Override mode, click Facilities, select a profile in the Profile Templates navigation tree, and then click the Settings tab. Select the required profile instance and click the Edit button.


In the resulting Edit Profile screen,

Step 1: For each weekday or weekend setting, set the Min. light level when on (0-100%) to a value greater than zero.
Step 2: Set Ambient Sensitivity to 10. The higher value ‘10’ means that the light is most sensitive to ambient light.


Step 3: Scroll all the way down until the >>Advanced option is seen and click the >>Advanced option to expand the screen.
Step 4: Check both options: Enable Daylight Harvesting in Override Mode and Allow daylight harvesting to dim lights below the minimum light level (See Daylight Harvesting for a description of these options).


Step 5: Scroll to the top and click Update.

The Daylight Harvesting override mode is thus enabled, turning the lights off rather than merely dimming them to 15% of the min. light level specified in the lighting profile.

Also, note that if the options are checked as shown below in the Advanced settings, it will override the profile min. light level and max. light level settings. (See Daylight Harvesting for a description of these options).


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