Search Line Diagrams Master File using Filters

 To filter and search through the line diagrams,

  1. Download the Master Excel file that lists all the line diagrams.
  2. Filter data based on "Emergency Type", "Driver Technology", or "Tunable White" columns. Each of these columns has specific text filters to help you filter data that you want to see.
  3. Click the down arrow  mceclip0.png in the required column header.
  4. Uncheck Select All and select the text filters in the dropdown list you want. Select text filters for each column.


5. Only the line diagrams that match the filters are displayed in the table. For example, filtering based on Profile 0 Driver Technology displays the following list of line diagrams.


6. Write down the required Drawing numbers from the column Drawing No.

7. Search the Line diagrams in Zendesk using the drawing number.

Note: Only Line Diagrams that are in “Production” status are recommended for new designs.  Diagrams that are of another status should not be used without inquiring with Enlighted Customer Support.


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