Resolving Events

As an administrator, your most important job is to keep the system operational. This is most effectively done by monitoring the events summary, and fixing any problems before the occupants of the building(s) notice the problem and call you. Thus, when events that are not informational are reported, you should troubleshoot and resolve the situation.

To view the Event log, refer to the article Displaying Events and to know the list of Events and appropriate action to be taken refer to the article Monitoring Events.

For example, if you upgrade the image software in fixtures and some do not complete successfully, you should then determine the cause, and if possible resolve it.

After you have resolved the issue, you should then mark the event as resolved in the GUI. To mark the events as resolved, select one or more events in the table, and then click on the Mark as Resolved button. This will result in a pop-up where you can enter a comment.

Alternatively, you can click on View for a single event, which will result in the Event Details pop-up. The pop-up also provides all the information about an event and allows you to enter comments about the event. The following is an example of the Event Detail pop-up:


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