Receiving Email Notifications

To view the Event log, refer to the article Displaying Events. For the list of Events and appropriate action to be taken, refer to the article Monitoring Events.

Events can also be received as an email notification which is selected by clicking on Administration > Email Notifications. Before setting up notifications, make sure that the email server is configured to receive emails.

Configure Email Server

To enable receiving notifications of scheduled and critical events, configure your email server parameters to receive notifications from the Energy Manager (EM). Obtain the following details from your IT department to configure the email server.

  • Host email server address, for example,
  • Port number, for example, port 993
  • User’s email address and password
  • Type of Protocol supported (SMTP or SMTPS)
  • Authentication: If the email server requires username and password authentication to send emails
  • Security setting for the connection with the server (for example, TLS encryption supported). Check the box whether to use secure authentication)

To configure an email account, navigate to Administration-> System Management and select the Email Configuration tab. The following screen is displayed, listing the details required. Type the required configuration details and click the Save button to configure the email account.


To receive events as an email notification, refer to the article Configuring Email Notifications.

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