Two-wire Sensors (KIT-SU-5E-D, SU-5S-2W-H, SU-5S-2W-xRx) FAQs


Gen 4 Sensors

Can you briefly explain what 2-wire (KIT-SU-5E-D, SU-5S-2W), SR, or DALI mean?

The following Enlighted 2-wire driver compatibility sensors easily connect to compatible LED drivers,
simplifying installation, reducing wiring errors, and providing plug-and-play capabilities.

  • 2-Wire Micro Sensor Kit (KIT-SU-5E-D)
  • 2-Wire Ruggedized Sensor (SU-5S-2W-HRW)
  • 2-Wire Surface Mount Sensor (SU-5S-2W-H)

The two wires from the sensors provide BOTH power supply to the sensor and a digital communications path between the sensor and connected drivers.  These sensors do not need any additional cables connected to the drivers, unlike the Gen 5 Enlighted 8-pin sensors.

DALI stands for “Digital Addressable Lighting Interface”. By supporting a subset of the DALI commands, the Enlighted sensors can communicate with the drivers to dim or turn off and read energy usage for drivers with this capability.

Compatible LED drivers include DALI drivers with an external or integrated Power Supply Unit (PSU). See 2-wire Sensor Compatible (DALI) Driver List (Feb. 4, 2020). The Signal Ready 'SR' and DEXAL interface provides power and enables data exchange between the sensors and the luminaire.  The two-wire bus can also be used to communicate with Tunable White (TW) drivers (also referred to as DALI Type 8 or DT8) to simplify the wiring and control of TW fixtures.

When using the 2-wire Micro sensor to wire to a 0-10V driver with a Philips SR ready bridge, the 2-wires on the sensor do not indicate which port is for SR+ and SR-. Which port on the 2-wire sensor should be used? Will it damage the sensor if plugged into the wrong wire?

The 2-wire sensors (KIT-SU-5E-D and SU-5S-2W-xxx) are all polarity insensitive, which means no positive or negative polarity on the 2-wire sensors. The DALI bus wires (SR+ and SR-) can be connected to either sensor terminal without polarity.  The customer does not have to worry about damaging the sensor or the SR bridge.

If there were two or more SR drivers (with built-in PSUs), then the polarity of the SR driver connections to each other would matter. SR+ would need to connect to SR+, and SR- would need to connect to SR-.  Again, the connection to the senor will not matter. 

What are the compatible drivers for 347VAC application with 2-wire SU-5 sensors?

Refer to the Canadian Wiring 347 VAC Solutions.

What are the drivers available to meet various luminaire wattage requirements for 2-wire sensors?

Refer to the DALI 2-wire driver list.

What is the voltage and power consumption for 2-wire sensors?

Voltage: 9.5-22.5V (as specified by DALI)

Power Consumption: 180mW (max)

Will the 2-wire sensor work with a ULT PWX driver?

No, the ULT PWX driver is a 0-10v dimming driver with aux power for sensors. A 2-wire sensor puts Power and Data on the same two wires and does not have a separate dimming control line.

Can we use the Micro Sensor with 2-wire Adaptor (KIT-SU-5E-D) sensor as the control for up to 6 fixtures with the Signify SR driver?

You can use a maximum of up to four SR drivers with one Micro Sensor in conjunction with the 2-wire adapter (CBL-5E-D-3N), which is part of the KIT-SU-5E-D.

What is the ratio between a SU-5E Micro sensor to SR Driver? Is it 1 to 1, or can multiple sensors run on one SR driver? 

You can use a maximum of up to four SR drivers with one Micro sensor (SU-5E) sensor. The driver manufacturers set a limit of four drivers. Refer to SU-5 (2-wire) with Sensor Ready Driver and LED Array (03068-01) article. Refer to the list of IoT Ready 2-wire Sensor Compatible DALI Drivers. By the end of 2020, a single sensor will be possible to support up to 8 SR drivers by using FW version 5.11 or later. However, the PSUs of some of the drivers will need to be disabled (so that no more than 4 PSUs are enabled).

Gen 4 Sensors 

Can SU4 2-wire sensors/CU3 be upgraded to pull the occupancy API out of them?

The SU4 2-wire sensors do support occupancy API. All these sensors have PIR hardware on them for occupancy. It doesn’t matter how the sensors are connected to the light fixture. The sensors will still capture and send data if there is an appropriate Gateway and Manage installed.

Why are the Gen 4: Two-wire Fixture Mount sensors FS-D22 Rev.13 failing the wiring test? 

FS-D22 Rev 13 (old stock) has FW 3.8.0.  This FW is NOT compatible with Gen 2 Signify SR drivers (identified by a model number ending in “VPT2”).  The symptom of this compatibility issue will be the fixture failing wiring test (Blinking RED sensor LED).  The root cause is that the 3.8.0 FW does not properly identify the Gen 2 driver and will not read power/energy data from the driver.  For units already installed and commissioned, upgrading to FW 5.x will correct the problem.  It would be best to RMA that material for old stock at customers and get them Rev 14 material.  There will not be any problem with Rev 14 material (FW 5.1.34) or any later FW version.


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