Assign Facility to a User

After a user is added in Manage, an Admin or Facility Admin can grant them access to one or more facilities to sign in to the system. The new users will be able to create other users, modify profiles, generate reports, issue API calls for the assigned building. In this way, they can work and take actions relevant to their building or facility.

Use the Assign Facility button to grant the user access to a facility.  


In the Assign facility, check the facility access level (green checkmark) to assign to the user and click Save.


Note that all facilities are shown in the Assign Facility to User when logged in as an Administrator. When a Facility Admin is logged in, only the facilities assigned to that Facility Admin are shown. The Facility Admins can create new users and assign access to the facility relevant to them. 

For example, user Andy Helper is a Facility Admin with access to the Main building in Acme Headquarters. Andy can create other users, modify profiles, issue API calls, and generate reports only for the Main building assigned to him.

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