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This article explains the roles and facility access permissions assigned to users within Manage and the creation and management of user accounts.  As an Administrator or Facility admin, you can add new users, edit and delete users. Before you start adding new users, read the article describing the User Role Permissions.

User Roles in Manage:

Each user is assigned a role and status. There are four roles that each user can have, each with unique permissions. Each role determines the actions that the user can perform and the information they have access to.

  1. Administrator – This user performs and sets up the initial configuration, adds users, devices, configures profiles, and performs advanced functionality such as backups, firmware upgrades, and administration of all other users and facilities. 
  2. Facilities Admin – This user can perform functions relevant to the authorized facilities except for configuring LDAP Settings, Image Upgrade, Backup and Restore, and Upgrade.
  3. Auditor – This user can view energy consumption details and display reports for authorized facilities and oversee the organization's operations and reports for further analysis. 
  4. Employee – This user can view energy consumption and floor plan facilities screens for authorized facilities, control switches and manage fixture profile instances in the same profile template. 


Each user is assigned a status:

  1. Active – Active users are those who sign in regularly to the system.
  2. Inactive – Users can be changed to inactive users by the administrator or facility admin when they have not logged in to the system for more than 90 days.

To start managing user permissions, select Administration > User Management to manage users.


Add a User

Click New User to add users to the organization. Use unique usernames to identify users and allow access. If your administrator has set up Single Sign-on (SSO) authentication for your organization, check the SSO User checkbox. When SSO is enabled for your organization, the username must be an email address to validate the user on the authentication site. Users will be allowed to log in once, and access Enlighted Manage in the Cloud (EMC).

The procedure to configure the SSO server is described in Single Single-on (SSO) authentication.


After you enter the values and click the Save button, the user is added to the system, and the user details show up in the User Management window. Click on the Edit button to change the value of any field. Note that the username must be unique in the system.


Facility Access

In addition to the user role, each user is also assigned to a facility to which the user has access.  Administrators have access to all facilities in the Assign Facility to User window.

If a user logs in successfully via SSO without an admin creating an account for that user first, the system automatically creates a new user with the 'employee' role without any facility access. The administrator must then assign the user the desired role and grant them privileges to the desired facilities. Refer to the article Assign Facility to a User for assigning facility access permissions. 


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