Ruggedized Sensors FAQ


What is the maximum operating temperature of the sensor?

  • Maximum operating temperature is found in the sensor's specification sheet.  For ruggedized sensors the operating temperature range is -31 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit /-35 to 85 degrees Centigrade. See Ruggedized Sensor (SU-5S) Spec Sheet for details.

Can I paint the housing of the High Bay sensor (SU-4S/SU-5S), Ruggedized sensor (SU-4S-HRW, SU-5S-HRW)?

  • Yes, follow the process below:

    1. Mask the lens.
    2. Use an anti-static air gun to remove any static electricity that may be present.
    3. Use an alcohol wipe to clean the surface to be painted.
    4. Use a polyurethane-based primer on the cleaned surface.
    5. Use any acrylic-based paint for the desired color.

Is the Ruggedized Sensor, 2-wire, (SU-5S-2W-HRW) waterproof?

What are the default dim settings for the Ruggedized sensors?

Ruggedized SU5 sensors shipped with firmware v5.0.20 have 65% as the default light setting. For Enlighted One, the default setting should be 100%. For more information, refer to the following articles.

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