Fixture Installation Type

The type of sensor installation impacts Where accuracy location since the measurement of the beacon signal varies with distance to the ceiling or fixture-anchored sensor. The Where application uses both fixture and fixtureless sensors. Fixture sensors control lighting, and fixtureless sensors are used for location and positioning services, and hence are connected to fixtures. 

The Enlighted sensor can either be integrated into the fixture or mounted external to the fixture. Here are the four most common ways to distinguish a fixture type installation.

  1. Not Enclosed – The sensor is not connected to the fixture. For example, sensors mounted to the ceiling tile. Refer to the Micro Sensor or High Bay Sensor Install guides.
  2. Partially Enclosed – The sensor is mounted external to the fixture. For example, sensors mounted external to the fixture without metal backing.
  3. Fully Enclosed – The sensor is integrated into the fixture. For example, sensors mounted external to the fixture with metal backing.
  4. Unknown – Sensor Installation Type is not known.

To edit the type of fixture installation details for a fixture, navigate to Administration-> System Management and select the Fixture Type Management tab. Click on the Fixture Type tab. Select a fixture and click Edit to edit the fixture Install Type. 


In the Edit Fixture Type window, choose the Install Type from the dropdown list for lighting. Click  Save to save the fixture type.




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