Change or Override Light Levels Temporarily

You can manually adjust the light level of selected fixtures from the floor plan. This is called Override Light Level or Manual mode. The fixtures will remain in this mode for sixty minutes and then change to Auto mode, which returns the selected fixtures to the light levels specified in the fixture light profile. 

You can override the fixture's light levels from the Fixture Details window or one or more fixtures from the Floor Plan. 

To override the light level of one or more fixtures from the floor plan,

  1. Select a floor in the left panel.
  2. Click the Floor plan tab.
  3. Select the fixtures in the floor plan.
  4. Drag the Override Color slider to adjust the selected fixtures' light level. 

To return the light levels specified in the fixture profile, select the same fixtures in the floor plan, and click the Auto button.


To override the light levels of a fixture, either double-click a sensor in the floor plan or select the sensor from the table in Devices > Sensors if you know the sensor name and click the Edit button.


In the Fixture Details window, drag the Dimming slider and specify a time in minutes for the Manual mode. To return the fixture to its profile light level, click the Auto button.


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