Change Light Levels: Auto vs. Manual Mode

You can change the light levels of fixtures from the floor plan or using a configured ERC switch. Two settings are provided Auto vs. Manual mode. The Auto mode returns the fixture light levels as specified in the light profile. If a particular user needs lights to be brightened or dim temporarily, you would manually change the fixture light level. 

This article describes the Auto vs. Manual mode light level settings of fixtures controlled from the Floor Plan vs. the Auto or Manual mode light level settings of a group of fixtures controlled by the ERC switch.

Auto vs. Manual Mode 

You can manually adjust the light level of selected fixtures from the floor plan. This is called Override Light Level or Manual mode. The fixtures will remain in the manual mode for sixty minutes and then change to Auto mode. If the light level is readjusted during the override mode, the time will be reset to sixty minutes.

The Auto mode returns the selected fixtures to the light levels as specified in the fixture light profile. You can override the light levels of one or more fixtures from the Floor Plan or the Fixture Details window. For more details about how to change light levels from the floor plan, refer to the article Override the Light Levels of Fixtures.


Auto-on/Auto-Off vs. Manual-on/Auto-off in Switch Type

When fixtures belong to a motion or switch group, the switch controls the fixtures' light levels in the group.  When creating a switch, you define the Switch Type as either Auto-on/Auto-off or Manual-on/Manual-off.

Auto-on/Auto-off: The fixtures controlled by the switch behave as if a switch did not control them. The fixtures turn the lights to the maximum light level defined in the lighting profile when detecting motion or occupancy. See Understanding Profile Basic Attributes.

Manual-on/Auto-off: The fixtures behave as if a switch controls them. For example, a fixture will not turn on the light in the luminaire when occupancy is detected. Instead, the switch (or an ERC) must be used to turn on the light in the luminaire. However, for safety concerns in very low or no light situations, fixtures will always turn on the light when occupancy is detected.


After a switch is configured to control a group of fixtures, use switch buttons 1 and 2 on the switch to brighten or dim the lights.

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