Adjust Color Temperature of a Fixture

If an occupant wants a warmer or cooler light than other occupants' in the room, adjust the individual fixture's color temperature while keeping the rest of the lights in the office at a higher color temperature.

Read the recommended prerequisites to make sure that the fixtures support Tunable White.

To adjust the color temperature of an individual sensor for a specific duration,

  1. Double-click the sensor in the Floor plan view to open the Fixture Details screen.


  1. By default, for fixtures with firmware version 5.4 and higher, the Tunable White Fixture checkbox is disabled (unclickable) since the Fixture Manufacturer Table (FMT) is associated with the Fixture Type. The name of the FMT is displayed next to the Color Temperature slider.
  2. In the Color Temperature box, drag the slider to the required color temperature.
  3. Specify a time in minutes for the duration.


The LED fixture adjusts the color accordingly for the specified time in minutes.

Note: When both the Dimming Control and Color Temperature are set to Manual mode, the Dimming Control will take precedence over the Color Temperature. For example, if Dimming is set to 60 minutes, and Color Temperature is set to 90 minutes, the Manual mode setting will end after 60 minutes.

When the Manual mode expires, the fixture returns to Auto mode following the Circadian option settings enabled in the Advanced option of the fixture profile. If the Circadian option is not enabled in the Advanced option, the sensor will follow the default color temperature available in the Fixture Manufacturer Table (FMT).


You can also adjust the color temperature of one or more sensors from the floor plan. Refer to the article Adjusting the Color Temperature for one or more Sensors from the Floor Plan.

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