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The Enlighted’s Tunable White feature allows users to adjust or modify the color temperature of Tunable White LED fixtures to help achieve the desired color tuning within specified parameters. This feature is supported for sensors with firmware version 5.4 or higher. Read the recommended prerequisites for configuring Tunable White fixtures before proceeding further.

Also, please note that Tunable White is not supported for sensors with firmware version 5.3 and below. If you need to adjust the color temperature for a sensor running firmware version 5.3 and below, see Adjusting the Color Temperature for a Sensor with Firmware Version Below 5.3.

You do not have to upload an FMT for the following circumstances:

    1. The manufacturer has already preloaded the FMT file (.XML or .bin formats) into the sensor mounted in the fixture.
    2. The fixture uses a DALI Type 8 (DT8) 2-wire driver. The information is already programmed into the driver and is automatically loaded by the system.

In both the above cases,  Enlighted Manage will automatically download the FMT and associate it with the Fixture Type. 

You will only upload the FMT for Tunable White when analog (0-10V) drivers are being used. Contact the respective Fixture Type manufacturer to obtain the FMT file and then upload the file.

Follow the steps below to upload the FMT file.

  1. Go to Administration -> System Management -> Fixture Type Management and select the Fixture Type tab.
  2. Select the required Fixture Types in the list. The FMT buttons above the columns get enabled.
  3. Click on Load Fixture Manufacturer Table. A warning message that the lights will dim and brighten for about one minute is displayed.
  4. Click OK to proceed.
  5. Select the FMT file provided by the manufacturer.
  6. The FMT gets uploaded, and the name appears in the Fixture Table column associating the FMT with the Fixture type.


After the FMT is uploaded, the fixture lights will dim and brighten for about a minute while the sensors assigned to the selected Fixture Types reboot and perform a wiring test. 

Removing FMT associated with the Fixture Type

If a wrong version of the FMT gets associated with the Fixture Type, use the Remove Fixture Manufacturer Table button to remove the Fixture Type association and load the correct FMT again. If you are getting an “invalid file format” error, make sure you are uploading one of the supported valid file formats: .xml or .bin.

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