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Is the Where Mobile application available in the app-stores? 

The Where mobile application is available for download through the Android Play Store. Search for Enlighted Where in the Play Store to download the app.


Is there a EULA for  Where and SLA for the Energy Manager and Where application?

Refer to the Terms and Agreements section on our Support site.


How far back is data available for Replay in Where?

Data is available for up to a year. Customers have the option to pay more to keep the data longer.

How much data will be transferred each month for the Safe/Where application, for example, with 1,335 IoT sensors and 250 asset tags? 

Based on the following assumptions:

  1. Office space with 1 sensor/100 SF.
  2. 22 workdays per month
  3. 8 hours per day
  4. Badges move 90% of the time during the day (quite conservative).

This would conservatively produce about 8 gigabytes per month for 250 tags. The actual results may vary, but it is possible this number would be significantly less. For example, in a factory with high ceilings, the number may decrease by more than 2x.

I have multiple Manage instances in the cloud. Can I have a single Where instance with a single facility tree across multiple Manage instances? 



Will the badge battery life deplete faster because the BLE is always broadcasting instead of only reporting, thus decreasing battery life?

Badges behave the same as with the Where or Safe application.  If a badge is not moving, its last known location is used as its current location.  Also, badges periodically send a message even if not moving, not as often as when moving.


After creating events in Where, I didn’t receive any mail notification. Is there something that needs to be configured to receive an email in addition to adding an email address?

The Where application sends a maximum of 40,000 email notifications per month for selected events configured for email notifications. However, no email notifications are sent once the maximum limit has been reached. However, you can check the Event log screen in the Where UI for any triggered events. We will permanently remove this email limit in the next Where release.

When viewing the Event Log, is there a way to view more details about the event, such as tag info? 

No. We are adding enhancements to this page in the next release.

How long does it take to receive an email notification after an event?

Email notifications are sent in less than 5 minutes after an event occurs. To receive email notifications, follow the procedure described in Sending Mobile and Email Notifications.

How long does it take to receive a push notification after an event occurs?

Push notifications appear as an alert on your mobile device in less than a minute after an event occurs. To enable push notifications, read the article Enabling Push Notifications.

Why am I not able to see my tags in the Live view? 

Search by filtering your tags based on one or more categories and subcategories in the Objects and People sections or Tag Status to see tags in the Live view. Refer to the articles in the section Searching Tags.



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