Managing Accounts and Admin Tasks

For Partners and Customers.

Users with no administrative privileges will see the following options when you click the user profile down arrow in the navigation bar's right corner.

  • My Account – View and edit your user profile settings. Here you can change your username, email, and password.
  • Contact Us – View sales and customer service contact information.
  • Terms of Service – Review service contract details.
  • Help - Opens links to the Space User Guide help pages, and you can review or search through what you are looking for.
  • Sign Out – Log out of the application.

Changing Account Details

The My Account settings allow you to view and edit your preferences. Here you can edit your username, email, and change your password, specify language preference and measurement units. Click the user profile down arrow in the navigation bar's right corner and click My Account from the drop-down list. In the My Account window that is displayed, make updates, and click Save Change.


To change the default password, click the Change Password button.

For a secure password, passwords must have at least eight characters, including one number, one lowercase, one uppercase, and one special character.

Please enter your current password, your new password, re-enter your new password again to confirm it, and then click Save Password.

Managing Admin Settings

If you are an administrator, you will see an additional option, Admin Settings, under your user profile. Administrators have privileges such as annotating spaces and managing user accounts. The Admin Settings under your account becomes visible only when you are logged in as an administrator. As an administrator, you are responsible for annotating spaces to a space category and department. You can add users to the application and create additional administrators for your organization.


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