Viewing Utilization for a Specific Day and Time

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To obtain a greater understanding of your building’s utilization for a specific day and time, you can customize the Space Utilization report. This information provides an in-depth insight into your building’s utilization of all spaces in the building for a specific day and time. The report shows how efficiently each space in the building is being utilized. Managers can see a quick overview of the utilization of all spaces by departments in a building at a specific hour or on an hour-by-hour basis. The higher numbers indicate better and favorable overall utilization. Based on the report, managers can improve utilization by reallocating or reassigning space categories and departments in the building.

To view utilization data for a specific day and time, navigate to Reports > Space Utilization Report. By default, the report is generated for a minimum of one week for all weekdays from the selected start date. To view the report for a single day and specific duration,

  1. Click Change Time Range.
  2. Select a Start Date from the calendar.
  3. Select an End Date of the week from the calendar. By default, all weekdays for the week are selected.
  4. Click to deselect all weekdays and reselect the weekday you need.
  5. Choose a time duration by dragging the slider.
  6. Click Apply.


The day-to-day utilization report is generated for the specific day and duration.


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