Space Utilization Report

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The Space Utilization report shows the average utilization for all configured spaces in the building on an hour-by-hour utilization for each space for the selected period. The report shows how efficiently each space in the building is being utilized. Managers can see a quick overview of the average utilization of all spaces on an hour-by-hour basis. The higher numbers indicate better and favorable overall utilization. Based on the report, managers can improve utilization by reallocating or reassigning space categories and departments in the building.

To view the report,

  1. Click Reports > Space Utilization Report. The report displays the average utilization for the organization’s portfolio for the previous week on an hourly basis.
  2. To change the time range, click Change Time Range, select duration.
  3. Click Apply to generate the report.

Use the horizontal and vertical scroll bars of the window to view the report. You can either print the report or export the data to a .csv file.


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