Portfolio Utilization Report

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The Portfolio Utilization report is a measure of how efficiently space is used in a building. The report provides average utilization and peak utilization along with the number of hours occupied. Average utilization is measured by determining the average number of hours for the specified duration for specific days for a given category of space or department or all space categories and departments across the floor. Peak utilization is the desired utilization rate. If a floor is consistently meeting the peak utilization rate, it means that the allocated spaces are being utilized efficiently.

To view the report,

  1. Click Reports > Portfolio Utilization Report. The report displays utilization for the organization’s portfolio for the previous week during normal business hours (7 am to 7 pm).
  2. To change the time range, click Change Time Range, select duration.
  3. Click Apply to generate the report.

You can either print the report or export the data to a .csv file. You can customize the report by region and campus as well with the Customize Report option.


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