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The Heatmap provides a color map to show the relative amount of activity on a floor based on occupancy. The visualization makes it easy to identify areas on the floor with the highest activity and areas on the floor that are not being used.

Heatmaps are generated by tracking occupants’ motion and activity in the area around each sensor. The sensors register activities such as moving hands while seated, waving hands, walking, or typing. The maps use different colors to represent different levels of activity. Darker shades such as orange or red indicate a greater amount of activity than lighter shades such as green or yellow. The maps provide a relative view of the data, not an absolute depiction of data.

To view Heatmap for a floor, click the Buildings tab in the navigation bar, choose a building, and select View Visualization in the Actions column.

  1. Choose a floor.
  2. Select Heatmap.
  3. Select a start and end date. You can select a maximum range of 30 days in the calendar.
  4. Choose a day of the week from the drop-down list.
  5. Choose a start and end time.
  6. Click Apply.

 An example of a Heatmap is shown below.



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