Motion Animation

The Motion Animation allows the user to playback or step through the motion at five-second time intervals. This is useful for looking at motion events for short periods of time with high accuracy. Enlighted sensors can monitor where occupants are in a building at any time, providing essential information for determining intruder detection, disaster recovery, or business planning. You can plan the overall safety and security of a building and building occupants by visualizing movement within the building.

To run Motion Animation, click the Buildings tab in the navigation bar. From the list of buildings, choose a building and select View Visualization in the Actions column.

  1. Choose a floor.
  2. Select Motion Animation.
  3. Select a date.
  4. After data is retrieved, click the Play button to view an animation of the sensors.

You can also specify the animation speed to be fast, normal, or slow. The histogram shows the amount of low or high activity across time and motion detection location for the day across the floor.

The Motion Animation display screen is shown below.



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