Viewing Portfolio Dashboards

The Space dashboards provide visibility to your real-estate portfolio based on utilization and occupancy:  

  • Utilization: This shows the effective usage of a space based on the number of sensors triggered in the region during a period.
  • Occupancy: This shows if space is occupied or not based on sensor activity from any of the sensors present in that region.

The dashboards display of your organization’s aggregated real-estate utilization performance indicators that can be drilled down by region or campus and building for detailed insights. By using the application’s visual analysis tools that offer the ability to select date ranges, departments, and categories by floor in a building, managers can compare and analyze data to correlate trends and understand patterns. By monitoring the metrics at a glance, management can determine how effectively their real estate portfolio is utilized and focus on the top and under-utilized spaces to learn what is working and not working to make confident data-driven decisions.

The Space application provides two dashboards with easy-to-understand visual maps  and graphs.:

  1. Utilization Analysis
  2. Conference Room Analysis

You can access the above dashboards by clicking the Dashboard tab in the navigation bar.



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