Viewing Building Dashboard

The Building Utilization dashboard provides a list of all buildings in your organization, showing each building's Average and Peak utilization. Additionally, management can monitor how effectively their real-estate portfolio is utilized and focus on the over and under-utilized buildings by viewing each building’s Visualizations and Dashboard.

Building Dashboard

To view a building dashboard, click the Buildings tab in the navigation bar. Then, from the list of buildings, choose a building and select View Dashboard in the Actions column.


Note: You can also get to the building dashboard from the Dashboard tab in the navigation bar by selecting a Utilization Analysis dashboard from the drop-down list and clicking the map's location markers to zoom in on a building or selecting Browse Locations at the bottom of the Summary widget map.  

You can also search for buildings by typing the building name in the Search Buildings text box. You can click any of the search suggestions that appear in the drop-down list as you type. 

The Building Dashboard display screen is shown below. See Utilization Analysis for a detailed explanation of all widgets.



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