IoT Platform and Hardware Overview

The key physical components of an Enlighted intelligent lighting control system are as shown in the following figures:

  1. Enlighted IoT Platform 
  2. Hardware Overview

The deployment of an Enlighted intelligent lighting control system in a multi-floor building is illustrated in

  1. Riser Diagram for Manage and
  2. Riser Diagram for Enlighted Manage in the Cloud (EMC)  

Manage provides a web-based user interface for lighting system management, IoT device management, and optimizing building system performance. Read Manage Overview for a high-level description, and to help you get started and configure Manage, refer to the articles in the product category Manage.

Where: The Enlighted Where application reliably tracks the location of objects or people in real-time in a building or across buildings in an enterprise using data from the Enlighted IoT platform.

Space: The Enlighted Space application, powered with the data collected by Enlighted sensors, enables organizations to understand and optimize their real estate utilization while improving productivity.




Hardware Overview

Refer to the Spec Sheets for technical details of the hardware components and Sensor Install and Device Install Guides for the procedure to install each device.

Sensors Devices
Surface Sensor Su-5i-USB Manage
Low Bay Sensors High Bay Sensors                   

Plug Load Controller PC-01-20

Micro Sensor

High Bay


  • Enlighted Room Control (ERC)
  • Enocean

Ruggedized Sensor

Ruggedized Sensor

DALI Power Supply Unit

  • PSU-4-200
  • PSU-6-200
Gateway GW-2-01
Control Unit


The following simplified diagram shows the placement of Enlighted lighting devices such as sensors, control units, gateways, ERC switches, and Manage servers.



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