IoT Infrastructure

The scalable wireless mesh network using our IoT infrastructure can manage over 18,000 sensors per building.  Sensor data is collected and transferred via a gateway either to an Enlighted Manage in the Cloud (EMC) or an on-premise version. All data is transferred to Manage in the cloud for processing and reporting.

The key physical components are depicted below:





The following is a simplified diagram showing the placement of Enlighted devices such as sensors, control units, gateways, ERC switches, and Manage on-prem servers in a multi-floor building.


For a detailed technical deployment illustration, see the

  1. Riser Diagram for Manage and
  2. Riser Diagram for Enlighted Manage in the Cloud (EMC)  

Hardware Sensors and Devices

Refer to the Hardware device Spec Sheets for technical details.



Surface Sensor Su-5i-USB Manage
Low Bay Sensors High Bay Sensors                   

Plug Load Controller PC-xx-20

Micro Sensor

High Bay


  • Enlighted Room Control (ERC)
  • Enocean

Ruggedized Sensor

Ruggedized Sensor

DALI Power Supply Unit

  • PSU-4-200
  • PSU-6-200
Gateway GW-2-01
Control Unit





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