Using the RJ45 Cable Splitter to Power Two Sensors from a Single Source


This article describes the usage of the RJ45 Cable Splitter (CBL-CS-RJ45) to power two sensors from a single light fixture. Only one of the sensors will be able to control the light fixture, the second sensor gets power only and must be configured as a fixtureless sensor. 

RJ-45 Cable Splitter (CBL-CS-RJ45) Connections

The CBL-CL-RJ45 is shown below. The provided 6-inch RJ45 cable plugs into the side of the splitter with a single RJ45 connector. The other end of the RJ45 cable plugs into the Control Unit or power interface to the driver/light fixture.


The two sensor ports on the other side of the splitter connect directly to the sensors. The SU/SIG port supports a connection with signaling for lighting control and must be connected to the sensor controlling the light fixture. The SG/PWR port only provides power to the connected sensor and does not control the light fixture. These connections are depicted below.

Note that the sensor LED of uncommissioned sensors connected to the SG/PWR port will blink blue or red to indicate that no metering device was found.


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