Recommended Preliminary Steps for Creating a Daylight Group

Daylight groups provide a uniform dim level across a group of fixtures for improved aesthetics. The lights are dimmed or brightened to achieve a uniform group light level in response to daylight fluctuations. Daylight groups aim to find the right balance between aesthetics, occupant comfort, and energy efficiency.

Recommended Preliminary Steps

Before creating a daylight group, follow the recommended preliminary steps:

Step 1: Check that all sensor firmware is version 5.1 or higher.

Step 2: Verify Transaction Fail Rate is lower than 30%. The daylight group sensors send ambient readings to Manage, and then the system calculates the Group Light Level. Hence, ensure that all sensors have adequate communication with Manage. See Viewing Network Health.

Step 3: Set Target Ambient Light Level. Generally, use the automatic calibration method to set the Target Ambient Light Level for all sensors in the group. At night, bring all the sensors to 100% dim level, and set the value automatically. Refer to the Determine and Set Target Ambient Light Level.

Step 4: Set Motion Sensitivity. Motion settings (such as Min. light level, Max. light level, Ramp-up time, Active motion window, Dim, and Linger) will continue to influence light levels. Suppose you do not want the motion to influence light levels, set Motion Sensitivity in the lighting profile to 0. See Understanding Profile Basic Attributes for details.

Step 5: To allow the Group Light Level to dim lights below the minimum light level, you may choose to set the following option in the Advanced section of the profile. See Setting Advanced Attributes.


Step 6: Assign all sensors within a daylight group to the same lighting profile. See Assigning Profile to Sensors.

Step 7: Create motion, switch, and plugload groups as needed. Motion, switch, and plugload groups continue to function independently of the daylight group. Create motion groups with the same group of sensors in the daylight groups to maintain a uniform light level. As daylight groups may span gateways and motion groups may not, it is not always possible to match them. See Working with Motion Group.

After performing all the preliminary steps, proceed to Create a Daylight Group.

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