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When fixtures in a room are configured as a motion group, the occupancy detection is communicated to all fixtures when an occupant enters the room. The fixtures will react and adjust their light levels according to their configuration in their profile.

Motion groups are listed in a table under the Groups > Motion tab.


A group can be created when a floor is selected. Additionally, groups can be edited or deleted by clicking the Edit or Delete button.

Note: Since all fixtures and plugloads in a group must be bound to the same Gateway (GW), fixtures from other floors cannot be supported.

You can create, edit, or configure a motion group’s configuration. 

Creating a Motion Group

The steps to create a group are:

Step 1: Click Facilities in the left navigation panel and select a floor. Note that a group is created on the selected floor and cannot be moved to another floor.

Step 2: Click on Groups

Step 3: Click on sub-tab Motion.

Step 4: Click the Create button above the groups' table.


Step 5: In the Create Group pop-up, specify the name for the motion group, select the type of fixtures (firmware version) in the group, and click Ok. This will result in an Edit Motion Group pop-up.


Step 6: To add fixtures to the motion group, click the Fixture tab.

Step 7: Select the required fixtures on the floor plan.

Step 8: Click the mceclip2.png left arrow button. The fixtures are added to the Fixtures table. To remove fixtures or sensors from the table, click the mceclip3.png control.

Note: All fixtures in a group must be the version specified when the group was created and bound to the same Gateway.  


Step 9: Choose a role for the fixture.

  • Act only – the fixture “acts” on reports of motion received from other members of the group. Fixtures will do (act) whatever is configured in the profile to do when motion is sensed in the group.
  • Report only – the fixture only “reports” or informs all fixtures in the group that it has sensed action.
  • Both – the fixture acts and reports to the members of the group.

Step 10: Plugloads are Act only devices that act based on reports received from fixtures. Suppose you prefer to add Plugloads to the motion group, click the Plugload tab, choose a role for the Plugload, select the preferred plugloads, and add them using the mceclip2.png left arrow button.

Note that the Plugloads can belong to multiple motion groups, or multiple plugloads can be in the same motion group.

Step 11: Click Apply and close the Edit Motion Group dialog pop-up.

After creating a motion group, it will take two or three minutes for the fixtures to be updated. If a fixture is powered off or rebooting after an image upgrade, the fixtures cannot be updated until they are operating normally.

Editing or Deleting a Motion Group

From the Groups tab, select Motion, and click Edit the desired group. Make changes in the Edit Motion Group pop-up and click Apply to save edits.

Before you delete a group, you must remove all fixtures from the motion group. In the Edit Motion Group dialog pop-up, select sensors in the table, click the mceclip3.png control to remove sensors from the group, and then click Delete.


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