Commissioning Gateways

After Gateways (GWs) are added and discovered, the next step is to commission them. If you are commissioning a Gateway running firmware before v2.8, see Commissioning Gateways with Firmware version before 2.8

To commission and place a Gateway (GW) on the floor plan,

  1. Select a Floor in the Facilities panel.
  2. Click Devices.
  3. Click the Gateways tabs to view the list of gateways.
  4. Select a Gateway and click the Commission button in the Action column.
    You can also click the Bulk Commission button to commission multiple gateways on the same floor after you have selected them.


The Commission Gateway screen is displayed. To commission and place the gateway, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Select the Gateway (GW) by clicking on it.

Step 2: Fill in the configuration fields:

  • Name – A default name is generated based on the gateway's MAC address's last three octets. Typically, this is not changed.
  • Radio Channel ID – A wireless channel with values between 0 and 15. Channel 4 is reserved for the discovery of sensors, hence do not use Channel 4. When assigning channels, select channels that are apart to minimize interference from the nearby buildings or parking lots on the same campus; channels should be selected to reduce the probability that either GWs or sensors can simultaneously communicate with two GWs on the same channel.
  • Radio Network ID – A value to make the wireless communication unique to a building even when the same channel is being used. However, the same Network ID value can be used for gateways in a different building of the same organization.
  • Radio Encrypt type – A value of none or AES128 to specify whether packets on the wireless network are encrypted. The encryption is done by hardware and does not affect the performance of wireless communication.
  • Radio Security String – Used to generate the encryption key. Recommend using the default key provided by EM. If a unique value is specified, remember to write the key safely as it cannot be restored by the system if needed later. The length of the key must be 16 characters.

Step 3: Click on the Commission and Place button to commission the GW.


Initially, place the gateway on the floor plan, and then drag the commissioned gateway to the actual location. Alternatively, right-click on the floor plan where the gateway should be placed and select Commission and Place in the resulting popup.


After the Gateway's initial placement, you can drag it to its actual location on the floor plan.

When the Commission Gateway pop-up is closed, the table should be updated to show that the GW has been commissioned, as shown below. The GW’s status is changed to Commissioned. You have successfully added and commissioned the gateway.


The green LED on the GW blinks once every five seconds after it is commissioned. If you need to upgrade the firmware image on the gateway devices, refer to the Upgrade Firmware section.

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