Configure Groups

An Enlighted system can be set up easily and faster using the Configure Groups action. The Configure Groups allows you to create a switch group, motion group, apply scene template, and profile to sensors – all in one step. 

Using Configure Groups

In the left panel, select a floor, and then select the Floor Plan tab. Select the required fixtures on the floor plan, right-click, and choose to Create/Configure Groups > Configure Groups.

(Note: If you do not select a sensor, the Configure Groups option on the menu is disabled). If needed, zoom the floor plan's display and pan the display to see all the sensors in the room.


A Create Switch pop-up is displayed.

Step 1: Type a name for the Switch Group (typically, the room name is used as the switch group) in the Enter Switch Name field, and click Ok.

Note: The name specified in the Enter Switch Name field is also used as the suffix of the optional motion group's name.


Step 2: An Edit screen is displayed; the various fields on this screen are explained in the following table. The selected sensors are displayed in the table. Choose the required options for the switch.


Field Name

Field Description

Switch Name

Enter a name for the Switch Group.

Switch type

Auto-on/Auto-off – When set, fixtures that are controlled by the switch behave as if a switch did not control them. The fixtures turn the lights to the maximum light level defined in the lighting profile when it detects motion.

Manual-on/Auto-off – When set, the fixtures behave as if a switch controls them. For example, a fixture will not turn on the light in the luminaire when occupancy is detected. Instead, the switch (or an ERC) must be used to turn on the light in the luminaire. However, for safety concerns in very low or no light situations, fixtures will always turn on the luminaire's light when occupancy is detected.

Initial time

The initial time will determine the time taken for the sensor to transition from manual or auto-on mode to auto-off when the Switch type has a value of Manual on/Auto-off or Auto-on/Auto-off.

If the initial time is set to zero, then the sensor will transition to auto-off after a period determined by [Active motion window plus Extension period (Active motion window time)], i.e., 2 x Active motion window.

If the initial time has a non-zero value, then the time taken to transition to auto-off would be Initial time plus Active motion window (extension time). If the sensor detects motion during the extension time, the sensor will transition to auto-off after an additional extension time (active motion window time) starting from that moment when the motion was detected.

Create motion group

Select this option if you need to create a motion group. All sensors in the group will behave similarly when a sensor in the group detects motion.

Motion Group name

You can change the name of the Motion Group. This field is available only if you select the Create motion group option. By default, the name is MG_Name of the Switch.

Apply Scene Template

Select this option if you want to apply a scene template to the group.

Apply Scene Template (drop-down)

Choose a scene template from the drop-down menu of scene templates. For example, the Template_20_40_60 applies three scenes where lights change from 20% to 40% and 60%.

Apply Fixture Profile

Select this option if you want to apply a profile to the fixtures in the group.

Apply Fixture Profile (drop-down)

Choose a profile from the drop-down menu of profiles.

Apply Plugload Profile

Select this option if you want to apply a profile to the plugloads in the group.

Apply Plugload Profile (drop-down)

Choose a profile from the drop-down menu of profiles.

Step 3: The Location tab is displayed by default. Here, you can position the Switch Group icon by right-clicking on the floor plan and choosing the Set Switch Position in the pop-up.

Note: The position where you right-click is taken as the position for the Switch Group icon.


Step 4: The Device, Scene, and Switch tabs are explained in detail in Switch Configuration Settings. Select your options accordingly.

Step 5: Click Apply to save the switch.

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