Create a Scene Template

This article describes the procedure to create a Scene Template. To know more about scenes, refer to the article, Create a Scene.

Scene templates are applied at the time of creating a new switch. Follow the steps shown below if your organization requires additional templates for a change in lighting to make spaces better suited for activities. For example, an assembly area may need brighter light levels.

  1. Click Facilities > Floor.
  2. Click Devices.
  3. Click on sub-tab Scene Templates.
  4. Click Create above the scene templates table. This will result in a Create Scene Template pop-up dialog.


  1. Enter Scene Template Name and click Save. The Add Scene button is enabled.


  1. Click Add Scene. The Add Scene popup is displayed.


  1. Type a name for the scene in the Scene Name field.
  2. Enter a value of light level in the Light Level field. Light Level must be in the range of 0 to 100.
  3. Click Save.


  1. Click Add Scene again to add more scenes as required; otherwise, click Close.

Editing or Deleting a Scene Template

Click Edit and modify the name in the Edit Scene Template and click Apply. To delete a scene template, click Delete. In the confirmation window, click OK to confirm.


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