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The Enlighted Manage provides visibility into the network infrastructure's performance and health to help identify opportunities to improve network performance. Refer to the following articles for scheduling and running a network test.

This article explains how to view the network health results.

Viewing Network Health

Network health continuously monitors the network to measure connectivity based on messages that the Manage continuously sends and receives. You can view the following network health metrics of devices from the floor plan of a facility.

  1. Transaction Fail Rate – Percentage of transactions that fail between the sensor and the Manage. A transaction fail rate lower than 30% is unlikely to result in failed transactions. For substantially higher than 30% transaction failure, contact Enlighted Support to address the high rate.
  2. Transaction Effort – Number of attempts to send a message divided by the number of transactions. For example, a Transaction Effort = 1 means that every attempt succeeded. A Transaction Effort = 3 means that on average, it took three attempts to complete a transaction.
  3. Data Loss Rate – The percentage of packets that sensors attempted to send to Enlighted Manage was never received.

To view network health metrics,

  1. Select a floor in the facilities left panel.
  2. Click the Floor Plan tab.
  3. Select Network in the view drop-down. A couple of network-related drop-down lists appear next to the Network drop-down list.
  4. In the Diagnostics drop-down, select Network Health.
  5. Select the metric in the Metric drop-down list.
  6. To be more specific in your search, select a Gateway from the dropdown.
  7. Choose a date from the calendar.
  8. Check the Show values checkbox to display values on the floor plan.


The floor plan displays a colored view of the sensors showing the metrics below each sensor. The legend to the right identifies the values for easy reference. Hovering over a sensor brings up sensor details, including the corresponding metric value, as shown below for the sensor.


You can filter the results by the gateway for detailed insights.

Viewing Throughput Results

See Viewing Throughput Results in Floor Plan

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