Running Network Throughput On-demand Test

Manage provides visibility into the network infrastructure's performance and health to help identify opportunities to improve network performance. The network performance measures the maximum throughput that your network can support with a Packet Error Rate (PER).

To run an on-demand network throughput test,

  1. Select a floor from the Facility Left Panel and click the Floor Plan tab. 
  2. Select Network from the View drop-down. A couple of network-related drop-down lists appear next to the Network drop-down list.
  3. In the Diagnostics drop-down, select Throughput Test.
  4. Zoom the floor plan and select one or more sensors or gateways on the floor display. Selecting a gateway will run the test for all sensors on that gateway.
  5. Right-click and select Run Throughput Test Now in the pop-up.


  1. The system automatically provides the Test Name in the Run Throughput Test Now window. If required, you can edit the name. Click Run Test Now.


The on-demand throughput test will be in progress for the duration displayed in the window. After that duration, refresh the floor plan window to see the results.

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