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An area is a grouping of sensors on a floor. By selecting and activating sensors in the area on the floor plan to be zone sensors, the sensors provide lighting-based occupancy information to Manage. See Activating Zone Sensors in the Area article. You can view lighting-based area occupancy status for all zone sensor activated areas on a floor level at any time.

To view area occupancy, in the Facilities left panel,

  1. Click on the floor name. On the floor plan display, underneath the Floor Plan tab, is a drop-down list labeled View.
  2. Select Fixture Area in the drop-down. The area occupancy view of all areas at the floor level is displayed.

An example of the area occupancy view is shown below.


Each area in the area occupancy view is marked with a distinctive color indicating area occupancy status:

  • Red – Area occupied
  • Green – Area unoccupied
  • Gray – Sensors are not reporting occupancy data. This may occur if all the sensors in the area are faulty or the sensors in the area are disabled.

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