Set Advanced Attributes when Astronomical Clock is Set

The light profile supports four periods of the day: Morning, Day, Evening, and Night. The Day and Evening time periods may be set based on the astronomical clock, which provides the sunrise and sunset time. When lighting profiles are set based on the astronomical clock, you take advantage of the ample daylight available before and after sunrise or sunset. Sunrise and sunset are based on the building’s latitude and longitude, as specified in the building settings. (Buildings may also be set to use the organization’s latitude and longitude). To edit the building's location data, refer to the article Edit Building's Location Data.

When the Evening period is set based on the astronomical clock, the lights turn on at sunset time to the profile min light at the beginning of the evening profile period for security and safety reasons.

For this option to be effective, the following two changes in the Advanced Attributes section of the light profile will be applied when the Astronomical clock is set.

  1. Allow daylight harvesting to dim lights below the minimum light level option will be disabled (unchecked).
  2. At a time period change when there is no motion, allow a change in minimum light level to raise light levels will be enabled (checked).

Example settings for General Behavior advanced attributes when the astronomical clock is set.


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