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Up to four Enlighted Room Controllers (ERCs) or EnOcean physical switches can be associated with a virtual switch to control a group of fixtures' light level. The ERCs or EnOcean switches must be installed and added to Manage before proceeding with this step. Refer to the article Adding ERC or Adding EnOcean switch. This article explains how to create, edit or delete a switch group.

Creating a Switch Group

Most configuration settings for a switch are dependent on the floor plan information, such as the Location, Device, Scene, ERC that can be associated and controlled by the switch. You can control all these in the Edit Switch Group dialog box. Refer to the Switch Configuration Settings for a detailed explanation of all the fields related to the switch.  

The steps to create a switch are:

  1. Click Facilities in the left navigation panel and select a floor. Note that a switch is created on the selected floor and cannot be moved to another floor.
  2. Click on Groups and sub-tab Switch to display the switch table.

The switches are listed in a table. 


  1. Click Create. The Create Switch popup is displayed.


  1. Type the switch name in the Enter Switch Name field.
  2. By default, the system ships with the Template_20_40_60 scene template, which determines the light level setting from 20% to 40% and 60%. Select the scene template from the drop-down box. If your organization requires additional templates to meet the requirements specific to your conference rooms or building needs, see Creating a Scene Template.
  3. Click Ok. This will result in an Edit Switch Group. The Edit Switch Group window has several fields. Refer to the Switch Configuration Settings for a detailed explanation of all the fields related to the switch.  


In the Edit Switch Group dialog, click on the Location tab, and then right-click to select the Set Switch.
Position the switch icon on the floor. The virtual switch icon appears on the floor plan.


Associating Sensors to the Switch

The next step is to associate sensors to the virtual switch.


A prerequisite condition for this to enable the SCAN mode for sensors that are in close proximity to the switch. The sensors will broadcast the BLE commands to other sensors in the Switch Group. Refer to the instructions how to enable SCAN mode.   

Add sensors to the Switch

Click on the Device tab and select the sensors to be controlled by the switch. Click the left arrow Left_arrow.png 
button to add the selected fixtures to the Fixtures table. To remove fixtures or sensors from the table,
click the right_Arrow.png control. 

Suppose you prefer to add Plugloads to the switch group, click the Plugload tab, choose the plugloads to be controlled by the switch, and add them using the Left_arrow.png left arrow button.


Adjusting the Scene Light Levels

Click on the Scene tab and create scenes. For each scene, adjust the Light Level for each fixture. If the fixture supports Tunable White, adjust the Override Color temperature for the fixture to the desired level.  


Click the Switch tab to add one or more (up to four) ERCs or EnOcean switches to control the fixtures. If the ERC has not already been commissioned, click the Add ERC or Add EnOcean button to add, commission, and then associate the switch to the virtual switch. Refer to the article,  Adding ERCs or Adding EnOcean.

If the physical switch has already been added and commissioned, select the ERC or EnOcean switch icon on the floor plan, click the left Left_arrow.png arrow button to add them to the table, and associate them to the virtual switch.


When done, click the Apply button to save the changes and close the Edit Switch Group dialog pop-up. This will take 1-2 minutes when there are many fixtures to be updated. If a fixture is powered off or rebooting after an image upgrade, the fixtures cannot be updated until they are operating normally. 

You have successfully created a switch to control a group of fixtures. Refer to the Switch Control to make sure that the switch buttons function as programmed.

Note: The EnOcean switch communicates with the sensors via Bluetooth. To ensure communication between the switch and sensors, enable SCAN mode for at least three sensors close to the Gateway after creating the switch group. Refer to the Set Bluetooth Mode to enable SCAN mode.

Edit or Delete a Switch Group

From the Groups tab, select Switch, and click Edit the desired group. Make changes in the Edit Switch Group and click Apply to save edits.

To delete a group, first remove all devices in the group. Select the devices including sensors, switches, plugloads in the Device tab. Click the right right_Arrow.png arrow to remove the devices associated with the switch, and then click Delete to remove the switch


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