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The Enlighted Room Control (ERC), battery-operated switch, can be paired with the Enlighted sensor network to control a group of fixtures and scenes.  The ERC is usually mounted on the wall near an entry or exit door.  Up to four Enlighted Room Controllers (ERCs) can be associated with a virtual switch to control the fixtures' light level. Refer to the article Creating a Switch to associate an ERC to control a group of fixtures.

Adding an ERC  

To add an ERC,

  1. Select a Floor from the Facilities left panel. 
  2. Click on Devices.
  3. Select the Switch tab.
  4. Select the ERCs tab.
  5. Click the Add button. 

The Add action discovers and commissions the ERC.


When the Add button is clicked, a popup is shown.

  1. Select the Gateway (GW) to communicate with the ERC. The fixtures to be controlled must be bound to the same Gateway as the ERC.

Note: If you need to check which Gateway to select, close the pop-up, and select the DevicesSensors tab to see which Gateway is associated with the sensors controlled by the switch. To view the Gateway associated with sensors from the floor plan, see Viewing the Gateway associated with Sensors.

  1. Click the OK button.


The Commission and Place ERC screen displays a message stating that commissioning has commenced.


After the process has started, the message is cleared, and the Start Discovery button is activated.

At this time, press and hold buttons 2 and 4 on the ERC for five seconds until the green LED on the ERC blinks.


Click the Start Discovery button to start the discovery process. A message will be displayed to indicate that the discovery has started. 


If the ERC is not found in a minute, then the message "Discovery timed out" is displayed, and the Start Discovery button gets reactivated. Ensure you have selected the right Gateway from the dropdown list and the green LED on the Gateway is blinking. Click Start Discovery.


When an ERC is found, the ERC is shown in the list of discovered ERCs in the left panel. 


Place the cursor on the floor map location where the switch should be placed and right-click the mouse button. The Commission and Place menu appears next to the cursor.

Click on Commission and Place. The ERC switch appears immediately on the floor map in the desired location after commissioning has been completed. 


A confirmation message stating ERC Commissioned successfully is displayed. If required, you can select the icon and move it to precisely adjust the location.  


After an ERC is added, you can associate it with a virtual switch from the ERC tab in the Edit Switch Group dialog box. See Creating a Switch. 

Refer to the Device Icons for a visual description of the floor map device icons and their statuses.


Deleting an ERC  

If, for any reason, you decide to delete the ERC,

  1. Select a Floor from the Facilities left panel.
  2. Click on Devices > Switch > ERC tabs.
  3. Select the ERC you wish to delete and click the Delete button.

Delete removes the ERC if it does not belong to any Switch group. If the switch is part of a switch group, select Groups, sub-tab Switch, make changes in the Edit Switch Group to remove the switch from the group, and try again to delete the switch.


If for any reason you decide to decommission the ERC after it is deployed, press buttons 1, 3, and 4 for five seconds to decommission the ERC. The green LED blinks followed by a single red blink to indicate that the ERC is being decommissioned.

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