View Throughput Results in Floor Plan

After you schedule or run an on-demand throughput test, you can view the throughput results in a table format. 

To view throughput results,

  1. Select a floor from the Facility left panel.
  2. Click the Floor Plan tab.
  3. Select Network in the View drop-down. A couple of network-related drop-down lists appear next to the Network drop-down list.
  4. In the Diagnostics drop-down, select Throughput Test.
  5. Select the test name from the Test drop-down list. The Test name refers to the test name automatically provided by the system while running the throughput test.

All sensors connected to a Gateway (GW) will have the same color. Darker shades indicate a lower Packet Error Rate (PER), representing a strong network connection compared to lighter color shades with a higher PER. The legend to the right identifies the PER. Hovering over a sensor brings up the sensor details with the PER.

For detailed insights, filter the results by PER or Gateway. By monitoring the metrics at a glance, you can determine how effectively the sensors communicate with the Gateway to learn what is working and not working and accordingly make decisions when assigning sensors to Gateways.


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