Scheduling a Network Throughput Test

Manage provides visibility into the network infrastructure's performance and health to help identify opportunities to improve network performance. The network performance measures the maximum throughput that your network can support with a Packet Error Rate (PER).

Scheduling a Network Throughput Test

You can schedule a throughput test at any facility level of a campus for one or more buildings or floors at a time. Manage maintains a queue of all scheduled tests. You can view the list of tests and cancel a test before it is scheduled to start. The View Facility button displays the buildings and floors the tests were assigned.

When scheduled tests are run, there may be a few seconds when switches will not turn on or off lights, and some motion groups will not be activated. These impacts on lighting should be rare and short in duration. On the other hand, it may be common for location data to be impacted during a throughput test.

To schedule a throughput test,

Step 1: Navigate to Administration>Diagnostics.

Step 2: Click Throughput Test Schedule and Status.

Step 3: Click Schedule in the top right.


Step 4: In the Schedule Throughput Test window, the test name is populated, but you can edit it.


Step 5: Insert the cursor in the Test Start Time field, and select a date and time from the calendar.

Step 6: Click Done to close the calendar.

Step 7: Click Select Facility and select one or more floors to schedule this test in the Facility Assignment window and click Save. Note: It is not possible to schedule future tests by Areas or specific sensors.


Step 8: In the Schedule Throughput Test window, click Schedule. The test is displayed in the list of scheduled tests. The test is then run at the scheduled time.

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