Monitoring Network Performance and Health

Manage provides visibility into the network infrastructure's performance and health to help identify opportunities to improve network performance. Refer to the following articles for detailed procedures:

Network Performance Throughput Test

Network performance measures the maximum throughput that your network can support with a Packet Error Rate (PER). Manage schedules Bluetooth sensors to send test packets at a particular rate and measures the number of packets received to calculate the PER. A Throughput Test varies the packet send rate until it finds the highest rate with an acceptable PER. This rate is the throughput of the network. During the test, it is likely that location data will be negatively affected.

The tests allow network professionals to determine the ability of the network to support applications and make improvements. The test results provide professionals with information to reconfigure the network, add new gateways, add hoppers, and change gateway channels to resolve problems and improve the network.

Network Health

Network health continuously monitors the network to measure connectivity based on messages that Manage continuously sends and receives. Unlike network performance, network health is continuously assessed without impacting the network.

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