License Types and Product Codes

Enlighted offers licenses for additional features, applications, and devices to support an organization’s business requirements. Customers must purchase and install software licenses when using this advanced functionality to remain in compliance. Refer to the article License Management

The following types of licenses are available for purchase from Enlighted. Refer to each type of license for further details.

The Enlighted Support will generate software licenses upon the customer's request based on the licenses requested relative to the licenses purchased by that customer.

For requesting and uploading licenses, refer to the following articles: Request License and Upload or Download License.

License Type Product Description Product Code Term Description

BACnet License
BACnet Base Sensor License BAC-BA-SU-X-00 Perpetual Perpetual BACnet license enables BACnet base points
BACnet Group Point License BAC-GP-AREA-X-00 Perpetual Perpetual BACnet license enables BACnet group points
BACnet Sensor Point License BAC-SP-SU-X-00 Perpetual Perpetual BACnet license enables BACnet sensor points

API License
Fine-grained motion API EM-API-OCC-01/02/03 1/2/3 year

API subscription includes the following three APIs.
1. Fine-grained motion API
2. Desk occupancy API
3. Area occupancy API
Customers can sign multi-year contracts (term captured with a two-digit value).

For the sensors to report occupancy data, customers will need the Sensor and API licenses based on the number of sensors configured in the system.

Desk Real-time Occupancy API
Area Real-time Occupancy API

Sensor License
EMC sensor license EM-EMC-SU-X-X 1/3/5 year EMC sensor license subscription, customers can sign multi-year contracts (term captured with two digital values of last PC field), only applicable to EMCs
Sensor (SU5) IoT license EM-CL2IoT-SU-X-00 Perpetual Perpetual SU-5 Sensor Upgrade, Connected Lighting Capability to IoT Capability
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