Set up Soft Metering

Note: Soft Metering is a custom feature that is not available by default. This is an Admin enabled function; either contact your facility administrator or Enlighted Support to enable the Soft Metering function.

Enlighted offers energy savings by controlling and measuring the power consumption of each fixture. Typically, the Enlighted Control Unit controls the lighting behavior by interfacing with the Enlighted sensors and connecting to the ballast or 0-10V LED driver. By controlling and measuring each fixture's actual power consumption, facility administrators can readily view savings in energy usage and cost. The energy data displays building energy and lighting usage in Watts, helping facility owners to view and manage energy consumption.

However, some lower-cost fixtures do not provide the necessary means to measure actual consumption. Enlighted supports these types of fixtures via Soft Metering. Soft Metering uses a Power Value table for a given fixture type. The table provides a power value for a given dim level in 5% increments. The power values are determined by a characterization procedure involving the fixture manufacturer and driver manufacturer with Enlighted Support. The Power Value Table is then uploaded to Manage.

Uploading the Power Value Table

For each fixture type, the Power Value Table (PVT) obtained from the fixture manufacturer must be uploaded to Manage. The system calculates the relevant power consumption for the soft-metered fixture using the Power Value Table.

  1. Navigate to Administration and select System Management.
  2. Click the Fixture Type Management tab to view a list of all ballasts in the lighting network.
  3. Check the Show Used Ballasts checkbox to filter and view the list of ballasts for the facility. 


To upload the PVT,

Step 1: Click the Import button. The Upload Ballast Volt Power Curve window appears. 


Step 2: Select the Input Voltage of the ballast from the drop-down list.  

Step 3: Click Choose File, and select the PVT file provided by the manufacturer. 

Step 4: Click the Upload button. 


The PVT file gets uploaded.

Enable or Disable Soft Metering

Only Facility Administrators or Enlighted Support can view and enable or disable the Soft Metering function.

  1. Navigate to Administration and select System Management.
  2. Scroll down to Soft Metering Flag.
  3. Check the Enable/Disable checkbox of the Soft Metering Flag.


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